Powerup Plans: Elite

Elite Powerup Plan

This plan is designed is designed for those that are really looking to compete and perform at an elite or national level.

The Elite Plan includes unlimited plan revisions, unlimited communication and A’La Carte sessions as seen fit by both you and Coach. A’La carte sessions will be specifically designed around your target events but will not be limited to event time-frames.

Also included: invites to Team Rides, Bike Handling Clinics (these are scheduled as seen fit by coach and the schedules of the athletes), usually done monthly to every other month, and access to Pinnacle Athlete specific Social Media Pages that are geared towards race techniques, motivation, bike handling skills and diet.

$500/month per person

Add-on options available. See below.


Session that is specialized to fit your needs and goals.  A group rate is available if you have groups of 4 or more.

$40 Per Hour, Per Rider

Workout is specific to you and particular areas of opportunity as they align with your goals.  Group rates are available if you have groups of 4 or more.

$50 Per Hour, Per Rider

Will include the initial strength assessment, full workout, and will be followed up with a plan specific to your current fitness level.

$50 Per Person, Per 75-minute Session

Please Contact me for more details and pricing.



Introductory$100 MonthlyPerformance$200 MonthlyAdvanced$300 MonthlySpecialized$400 MonthlyElite$500 Monthly
Past Training/Power ReviewIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Access Top Training Peaks AcctIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Plan UploadsMonthlyTwice MonthlyWeeklyWeeklyWeekly
Power Diag/Training AnalysisMonthlyTwice MonthlyWeeklyTwice WeeklyDaily
Plan RevisionsMonthlyTwice MonthlyWeeklyUnlimitedUnlimited
Communication with CoachMonthlyTwice MonthlyWeeklyUnlimitedUnlimited
One-on-One Strength TrainingMonthly
One-on-One RideMonthly*Monthly
Personalized Group Ride SessionMonthlyMonthlyMonthly
One-on-One Motor Pace SessionMonthly*Monthly
Personal Group Motor Pace Sess