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What does is it really take?
What’s it going to take?   With the start of the season roughly a month away now is the time to really assess where your fitness is, and where it will need to be. This is the first of two blogs dedicated to showing what it takes to win on the highest level in this state and what goes into getting there. To show case the standard within the Pro/1/2 category I will use two category 1 racers I have the luxury...

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Looking back to move forward
Past trends and future Success   With the heart of the season behind you it’s time to reflect and reassess.  If your season started in January-you now have 5 months of training and racing to evaluate. Before forging ahead let’s reflect on what went well, when you had the best form, what were you doing during that time period, map motivational trends, and track growth over the prior year.   Many self-coached or new athletes that come into my process have aspirations...

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Taper and Peak Process
Taper and Peak Process   With the Florida State Championships right around the corner I figured this would be an appropriate topic. The taper and peak process is a vital part of any athletes training plan given it predicates the form you bring to the line for your targeted event. Get it wrong and you risk showing up fresh but flat, get it right and you increase the odds of laying down your best power. The primary focus of this portion...

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Power Profiling and Racing Your Strengths
Have you quantified your strengths and weakness and are you proactively racing to your strengths? All too often I hear someone say they are a breakaway rider or a sprinter with little tangible data supporting their statement. If you are truly interested in classifying yourself and looking for a different angle on training and racing your strengths this blog is for you. 1. Power Curve/ Power Profile There are a few ways to obtain the necessary data points needed to evaluate...

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Common Themes and Misconceptions
The purpose of this blog is to add clarity to the way cyclists view their files along with training in hopes of creating a mental shift. The bullet points below are taken from common themes that surface during my consultations with self-trained athletes. "I need to work on my Sprint" Coming from a pure sprinter, I will never down the importance of a respectable sprint and the importance of training it, but don't let this be your sole focus. This has...

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