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Building power and Strength- Part 2
Weight Training for Cyclists Part 2 You have been hitting the gym developing your muscular endurance, but cycling requires power-the delivery of strength in time.  Powerful cyclists are those that can capitalize on the muscular and cardiovascular strength to produce more work than the next rider in a given amount of time. In the previous blog we covered the various benefits of strength training along with the basic fundamental concepts associated with designing your own plan. Let’s take a...

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Strength and Power-Part 1
Weight Training Regimen for Cyclists   If your goal is to exceed your previous fitness level and line up this coming season with the best potential of doing well, a strength training plan is vital. The days of canned strength training plans and piling on the miles and hoping for the best results went out about a decade ago. Canned plans- you are a crit or road racer, why would you be following the same strength training as 40+ female triathlete?   The...

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Respect Your Elders
Respect Your Elders   I recently overheard a conversation between two youngsters laughing about putting the wood to an older gentleman on a group ride. Just know there are masters 50+ racers in this state that can flat out hammer. Below is one Age:54 Weight:172 FTP: 337watt – 4.3 watt/kg 2013 Florida State Time Trial Champion 50+  This year’s state time trial yielded 112 entries competing in the 40km. An interesting fact- the fourth fastest time of the day was run by a 54 year old...

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Base Building- Part 2
Base Build 101- The Sequel The previous blog  was designed to lay foundation behind the base building phase of a training plan. To maximize the time spent during this phase of your training, I have incorporated a number of key areas you can include into this period to make 2014 your best year yet. Nutrition and Weight loss- When training in zones 2 and 3 your body is using fat as its primary energy source. Now is the time of...

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Base Building 101 (part1)
Building a Base- The how and whys   It’s the time of the year where talk of LSD (long slow distance) rides surface.  With the cooler weather upon us and the elevated motivation, make these mile count! Base building- What is it, how much, how long, and how hard. Base miles are rides that are done in zones 2 and 3 designed to illicit specific physiological adaptations needed to grow your aerobic fitness and pave the way for the more trying efforts later...

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