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Transition from 2013-2014
The 2013 season has officially come to an end. The majority of us are now transitioning out of the decompression period and back into a fresh new season. But before clipping in and logging in the base miles do yourself a favor and reflect. Identify what went well and what you would have changed. Did I perform to my expectations? Was the season completed injury free? Did the time I spent training and racing yield the returns I was looking for? The answers to...

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Pro 1,2 state RR file review
Races contain two types, gamers and spectators. The below breakdown was taken from the Pro, 1,2 State Road Race Championships in Clermont Florida. This file is not mine, it is not from a Pinnacle athlete, but it is from a rider that finished in the money. You want to know what it takes to ride with the best in this state and be a gamer, see below.   Rider weight: 141lbs FTP : (20min power) 306watts Watts/Kg at FTP:4.78   Gamers and spectators Looking...

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Mental Training
  For many of us it has been a long season just know, the finish is right around the corner. For the bulk of us our primary goals for the 2013 season lie in the month of October. With that being said, it’s time to really focus on your objectives and begin to hone the mental facet of the sport.   Visualization- Take 10-15 minutes per day and let everything go. Close your eyes, control your breathing, and see yourself the day...

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