Transition from 2013-2014

Transition from 2013-2014

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The 2013 season has officially come to an end. The majority of us are now transitioning out of the decompression period and back into a fresh new season. But before clipping in and logging in the base miles do yourself a favor and reflect.

  • Identify what went well and what you would have changed.
  • Did I perform to my expectations?
  • Was the season completed injury free?
  • Did the time I spent training and racing yield the returns I was looking for?

The answers to these questions yield valuable insight needed to create a plan that will allow you to evolve.

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Once you have answered these questions, you will want to create a plan taking the following into account.

Strengths and weaknesses- Identify them within a power based context. This can be done through a power profile field test or by reviewing prior ride data and cross referencing the data with the Andrew Coggan’s power profiling approach Identifying you limiters is a pillar behind any sound plan.

Time available for training and date for marque events- Construct a periodized training plan built around the time you have available and in alignment with the dates of your marque events.  For most, the periodization should entail two facets; a cycling specific plan and a strength training regimen.

Motivation and optimism- These are always high at this time of the year. The focus the questions you asked yourself earlier will enable you to take a step back and really uncover the core drivers behind your motivation to train and race.  The drivers and motivational trends will lend themselves to the level of structure and volume your plan should include.

What you bring to the line next season will be predicated on what you do this off season.  Neglecting to identify and train your limiters will likely leave you in the same scenario you were in the season prior. Fitness and strength comes from linking blocks of highly structured training.  Make a plan and stick to it! Without a plan or the discipline to follow it you can never truly identify what is or isn’t working. In closing, all plans should be centered around balance, include pre-established decompression periods, and most importantly they should be custom built for YOU!

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