Base Building- Part 2

Base Building- Part 2

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Base Build 101- The Sequel

The previous blog  was designed to lay foundation behind the base building phase of a training plan. To maximize the time spent during this phase of your training, I have incorporated a number of key areas you can include into this period to make 2014 your best year yet.

Nutrition and Weight loss- When training in zones 2 and 3 your body is using fat as its primary energy source. Now is the time of the year to shed that unwanted weight! Two-four kilograms can make a noticeable change in your power profile.  The objective is to pin down your nutrition before, during and post ride.

  • Track your caloric intake and calories burned during this phase and monitor your trends. This can easily be done through various applications.
  • Set a realistic goal, whether it be a particular weight or cutting out a specific food you know you can do without.

Pedaling efficiency and stroke development- The early part of your training plan is designed to increase your aerobic efficiency, now is the time to do the same with your pedal stroke. The goal here is to develop a constant application of force on the pedals all the way around the pedal stroke.

  • One of the best drills is one legged pedaling intervals.  3x1minute per leg
  • Another way to evolve includes adding intervals where you are spinning at 100RPM’s or above.
  • 10minute intervals at 75 RMS (53.13/14 gearing) while maintaining power in the tempo or low end of the sub-threshold zone.

The above drills are generally done 2-3 times per week and can be done less often as the season wears on. Other than training you to apply force in more of an efficient manner, the above drills help identify dead spots in your pedal stroke. The big gear intervals help develop power. Keep your core tight, head up, and palms lightly rested on the hoods. If you don’t have a fluid stroke at 75 RPM’s it’s not going to get any better at 100+ RPM’s.

Volume/Duration- Make the most of the cooler weather and get out there and push yourself with longer rides. Make a goal- a weekly overall distance or ride time. Grab a friend and work your way up to a 3 or 4 hour ride. These are the types of efforts that really push you and develop the mental and physical adaptions needed to help you turn a corner.

  • A good rule of thumb is to not increase the weekly by more than 5% of what you have been doing previously.
  • One big week isn’t going to do it. Link 3 structured weeks together. Transition into a recovery week, and reassess the prior work.

Don’t overwhelm yourself; select one of the above areas. Make improvements in one of these capacities and incorporate it into your arsenal and then move onto the next. Motivation runs high across the board at this point in the year don’t lose sight of the fact that the season is marathon. The goal during this period is growth by becoming more versatile while remaining balanced. Next up is the muscle endurance and power building phase, stay tuned.

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