The Coach


Pinnacle PatrickCompetition has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. The harmony that comes from within while competing is the core driver behind my approach to training and racing. My first bicycle race was at the age of 13, and my true love has always been cycling. I have almost a decade of training and racing behind my approach, much of which was self-taught. No longer am I forced to approach my passion with a trial and error mindset in hopes of identifying what works. Furthermore, as an eight time Florida state champion, I understand what’s required on all levels to yield results. Through my sound understanding of modern training methods and the corresponding technology; I can now channel my passion for the sport of cycling in way that allows me to help others exceed their goals. My background is wrestling and I have devoted more than half of my life to all facets of the sport. In doing so, I was able to train with Olympic and National Champions on a day to day basis, while at Upper Iowa University. The attributes acquired within this sport transcend directly to the philosophy and approach I take with my endurance athletes. My approach to coaching focuses largely on mental conditioning. This is a vital part of any training plan and is most often times never touched on. In addition to mental conditioning, the harmonic approach specific to my services is centered on balance, without it, fully capitalizing on one’s potential is highly unlikely. With the introduction of the of a power meter, coupled with heart rate, pedaling dynamics, bike fit, and the software aligning with a power meter, I can quantify the physiological stressors and more importantly, build a custom training plan to mesh with the lifestyles and goals of my clients. Lastly, the approach I take allows me pin point strengths, train weaknesses, and chart the athletes overall progression with extreme precision.

Education & Certifications

  • Bachelors in Criminal Justice & Communications from Upper Iowa University
  • Master’s in Public Administration from John Jay College in Manhattan
  • USAC Level 3 Coach
  • Category 1 USA Cycling License
  • Racing Highlights
  • 8 Time Florida State Champion
  • 2 Time Florida State medalist