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The Best
To be The BEST 2017 USAC Masters National Road Race Championships: File Analysis The 2017 Masters National competition is complete and the champions have been crowned with the coveted stars and stripes jersey. The file analysis contained here is specific to Owen Shott who was kind enough to share his file and Pinnacle athlete Alex Zambrana. Owen won the 35-39 road race in decisive fashion and Alex won the 45-49 crit. As amateurs we readily have access to blogs and articles...

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What does it really take (Part2)
In the previous blog  we identified what sort of power is needed to win on the highest level in this state. Now that we have recognized the benchmarks, let’s look the types of training and timing that went into getting these results. In doing so, I’m attempting to offer up tangibles that you can use to plan and analyze your own training/racing files. In 2014, both athletes followed what’s called the periodized training model. To learn more about that approach, click...

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Two times
The 2014 state time trial has concluded and the champions have been crowned. A 40km time trial is certainly the race of truth and bringing your fitness to a head on a specific day and time is no easy feat. The introduction of the power meter and the corresponding software in conjunction with modern training practices has made the process exponentially easier. The scope of this blog will be to touch of how historical data can be used within a...

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Respect Your Elders
Respect Your Elders   I recently overheard a conversation between two youngsters laughing about putting the wood to an older gentleman on a group ride. Just know there are masters 50+ racers in this state that can flat out hammer. Below is one Age:54 Weight:172 FTP: 337watt – 4.3 watt/kg 2013 Florida State Time Trial Champion 50+  This year’s state time trial yielded 112 entries competing in the 40km. An interesting fact- the fourth fastest time of the day was run by a 54 year old...

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Pro 1,2 state RR file review
Races contain two types, gamers and spectators. The below breakdown was taken from the Pro, 1,2 State Road Race Championships in Clermont Florida. This file is not mine, it is not from a Pinnacle athlete, but it is from a rider that finished in the money. You want to know what it takes to ride with the best in this state and be a gamer, see below.   Rider weight: 141lbs FTP : (20min power) 306watts Watts/Kg at FTP:4.78   Gamers and spectators Looking...

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