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Training with iLevels in WKO4
Importance of Training with iLevels in WKO4 Pinnacle Coaching iLevels 1   You have the power meter, head unit, and ability to auto sync your data to Training Peaks, WKO4, Strava and many other online tools using your phone’s Bluetooth capabilities, but are you maximizing these tools and more importantly the information you’re gathering? At its very core training with power is an extremely precise way of quantifying your individual strengths and limiters as those attributes align to the demands of your...

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The Best
To be The BEST 2017 USAC Masters National Road Race Championships: File Analysis The 2017 Masters National competition is complete and the champions have been crowned with the coveted stars and stripes jersey. The file analysis contained here is specific to Owen Shott who was kind enough to share his file and Pinnacle athlete Alex Zambrana. Owen won the 35-39 road race in decisive fashion and Alex won the 45-49 crit. As amateurs we readily have access to blogs and articles...

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Podium or Pack Finish
Podium or Pack Finish   After viewing hundreds of files associated with podium finishes, it was evident that there are similar trends among top finishers. In order to achieve a podium finish, it is essential that riders are able to effectively analyze their own files. The information below will equip you with the knowledge to analyze your personal files. Once you understand your own files, you can make adjustments to your training, in turn yielding better race results. However, before a rider...

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Long Slow Distance, Aerobic Fitness, Base Miles- WHATS IT ALL MEAN?
It's all about the foundation   It’s winter in Florida which means it’s time to change your training regime. Like you, I want to spend more time on my bike. I want to become more fit and use the winter season to provide a solid foundation for the 2016 racing season. However, in the process of developing my off season training plan it is important I am strategic in order to prevent peaking in January. Off-season training is essential. Key elements...

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2016 Starts here
New Season, Try a New Approach Last season is roughly a month old and your motivation for next season is higher than ever. This is a very common trend that surfaces this time each year. The purpose of this blog it to offer up a new perspective with correlating data points to help you make this coming year your best. As you go through the substance below and begin to map a plan be realistic but most importantly, be honest...

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Strength Training- The Hows and Whys
  Without fail every October and November conversations surrounding strength training for cycling always surface. The purpose of this blog is to touch on the why behind a focused strength training plan and offer up a template allowing you to construct your own plan. Much like your on the bike cycling specific training, your strength work should focus on your weaknesses and properly equip you to meet the demands of events you will see in 2016. Before we dive in its important to...

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Training to the Demands of Your Event
Train to the demands of Your Event (Part 1) A power meter and the correlating software allow one to cater their training to marque events with surgical like precision.  Strava, Garmin Connect, and Training Peaks house all information needed to develop a plan centralized on growing potential limiters as they align with the physiological demands of the events you are targeting. In this two part series we will address the finite points and process specific to preparing you for your...

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What does is it really take?
What’s it going to take?   With the start of the season roughly a month away now is the time to really assess where your fitness is, and where it will need to be. This is the first of two blogs dedicated to showing what it takes to win on the highest level in this state and what goes into getting there. To show case the standard within the Pro/1/2 category I will use two category 1 racers I have the luxury...

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Looking back to move forward
Past trends and future Success   With the heart of the season behind you it’s time to reflect and reassess.  If your season started in January-you now have 5 months of training and racing to evaluate. Before forging ahead let’s reflect on what went well, when you had the best form, what were you doing during that time period, map motivational trends, and track growth over the prior year.   Many self-coached or new athletes that come into my process have aspirations...

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Taper and Peak Process
Taper and Peak Process   With the Florida State Championships right around the corner I figured this would be an appropriate topic. The taper and peak process is a vital part of any athletes training plan given it predicates the form you bring to the line for your targeted event. Get it wrong and you risk showing up fresh but flat, get it right and you increase the odds of laying down your best power. The primary focus of this portion...

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