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Maximizing Training Races
Maximizing Training Races With the season rapidly approaching and many of us on the brink of the build phase of our training, a great way to enhance fitness is through training races. Much of our training up until now has been steady state work in zones two and three. Your aerobic system has evolved; the strength training plan has helped increase muscle endurance, now it’s time to bring it all together. Just because it carries the title “training” do not...

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Structuring Your Build Phase
In the most recent blogs we have touched on the importance of a sound base and what it entails. For a re-cap on the base 8-12 week base phase - http://www.getyourpowerup.com/ss-2/ . Before you make the ever so important decision to depart from base training and embark on the build phase of your training, be sure that you have made the necessary gains. This evaluation process is rather basic and rarely touched on. Given the majority of your work...

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Base Building 101 (part1)
Building a Base- The how and whys   It’s the time of the year where talk of LSD (long slow distance) rides surface.  With the cooler weather upon us and the elevated motivation, make these mile count! Base building- What is it, how much, how long, and how hard. Base miles are rides that are done in zones 2 and 3 designed to illicit specific physiological adaptations needed to grow your aerobic fitness and pave the way for the more trying efforts later...

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