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Maximizing Training Races
Maximizing Training Races With the season rapidly approaching and many of us on the brink of the build phase of our training, a great way to enhance fitness is through training races. Much of our training up until now has been steady state work in zones two and three. Your aerobic system has evolved; the strength training plan has helped increase muscle endurance, now it’s time to bring it all together. Just because it carries the title “training” do not...

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Strength and Power-Part 1
Weight Training Regimen for Cyclists   If your goal is to exceed your previous fitness level and line up this coming season with the best potential of doing well, a strength training plan is vital. The days of canned strength training plans and piling on the miles and hoping for the best results went out about a decade ago. Canned plans- you are a crit or road racer, why would you be following the same strength training as 40+ female triathlete?   The...

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Base Building- Part 2
Base Build 101- The Sequel The previous blog http://www.getyourpowerup.com/base-building-101/  was designed to lay foundation behind the base building phase of a training plan. To maximize the time spent during this phase of your training, I have incorporated a number of key areas you can include into this period to make 2014 your best year yet. Nutrition and Weight loss- When training in zones 2 and 3 your body is using fat as its primary energy source. Now is the time of...

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