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Maximizing Training Races
Maximizing Training Races With the season rapidly approaching and many of us on the brink of the build phase of our training, a great way to enhance fitness is through training races. Much of our training up until now has been steady state work in zones two and three. Your aerobic system has evolved; the strength training plan has helped increase muscle endurance, now it’s time to bring it all together. Just because it carries the title “training” do not...

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Respect Your Elders
Respect Your Elders   I recently overheard a conversation between two youngsters laughing about putting the wood to an older gentleman on a group ride. Just know there are masters 50+ racers in this state that can flat out hammer. Below is one Age:54 Weight:172 FTP: 337watt – 4.3 watt/kg 2013 Florida State Time Trial Champion 50+  This year’s state time trial yielded 112 entries competing in the 40km. An interesting fact- the fourth fastest time of the day was run by a 54 year old...

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