I’ve been in love with the bike for as long as I can remember, but I am NOT a gifted athlete, rather, just a cyclist with a few goals I didn’t know how to achieve. I decided to invest in myself and sign on with Patrick…best decision ever!

I follow the training plan that targets my specific goals, put in the hard work on the bike, I listen to his advice and comments from my workouts, and not only am I more fit but I have more speed, more power and endurance on the bike than ever in 15 years of consistent riding, I’ve successfully achieved my initial goals, which has led me right into the next, from long endurance events with lots of climbing to pinning on a number and landing on the podium consistently. His expert knowledge not only consists of how to become a better, more polished athlete, but also how to overcome injuries when they do happen, so that I’m there at the start line on race day. Some of the best advice I’ve ever been handed came straight from Patrick!

If you want Success, invest in yourself, do the work and watch yourself achieve your goals with Pinnacle Coaching.

I have enjoyed the coaching, passion and energy of Patrick Sansbury and Pinnacle Coaching for over three years. Patrick is a pro in every sense of the word, always leading by example. His training and relentless work ethic is matched by no other.

Patrick takes an enormous amount of effort in personalizing the training program for each athlete. He works tirelessly on partnering with you to develop training and nutritional programs, and even a mental strategy so you can get to the top of the mountain. I’ve met many of the greatest coaches in the world and Patrick is right up there with them all.

I am incredibly grateful to have Patrick on my personal team and in the Best Buddies family. I look forward to many more years of pain, agony and the glory of it all with Patrick at my side.

George Puskar

I’m a 55 year-old time crunched professional who has been an avid cyclist for 15 years. I’ve never raced, but I’ve always enjoyed the training process as a means to continuously strive for self-improvement. I first started “riding” with power in 2014. In 2016 I dived headfirst into a dedicated 2 year stint with one of the more popular on-line self-directed structured training platforms, from which I saw significant fitness gains and all-time peak performances.

I met Coach Patrick by chance on a group ride in Dec. 2017. Knowing only that he coached some of the riders in the group, I casually remarked to him after the ride that I felt I had plateaued (Narrator: Patrick never let him forget that comment:). He offered to analyze my files for free and set up a phone consultation to review his findings without obligation. He told me at age 52 that I was far from plateauing, and that I had too much fluff in my training. I decided to hire him in January 2018, and it was without a doubt the best decision in cycling I’ve ever made.

In that first year I set all of my all-time PR’s in every time duration from 5 minutes to 2 hours, all with an average training volume of 6-10 hours a week. But I gained much much more than PR’s.

Look….you can hire anyone to write you a cookie cutter plan, but what you get with being a Pinnacle athlete is a coach who is genuinely personally invested in your goals and successes, which he proves continuously with encouraging calls, texts, and workout comments. Coach Patrick uses state-of-the-art analytics to guide your training prescription, and because he “walks the walk”, he is keenly aware of and compassionate towards the life-training balance we all struggle to master.

Finally, and this is the key to this whole game, and what sets Coach Patrick apart: he will teach you the proper mental framework for success and the art of managing the load in a way that is customized to your strengths, and more importantly, weaknesses.

Although I live 100 miles away, I have done many knee-to-knee training rides with Coach Patrick, from which I have absorbed valuable lessons each time. He continues to polish and refine my skills and mindset, and I am still at age 55 not plateauing, and doing things on the bike I’ve never accomplished before. In the process I have gained an invaluable friend and mentor.

If you’re interested in becoming fitter, faster, and mentally stronger, there is no better bang for the buck than Pinnacle Coaching Services.

I still can’t believe it … I’m a USA National Champion, but my coach Patrick at Pinnacle Coaching always did. This has been a two-year focus adding half a dozen state titles and the fastest time trial posted in all categories this year.

I’m a long-time cyclist; and although I’ve been successful, I have also been unpredictable. Pinnacle Coaching provided me with the structure, discipline, and realistic profile of my capabilities. With that structure came a new sense of awareness that has changed me in profound ways. It has transcended physically, psychologically and in a spiritual strength.

Having have had many coaches over the years, I feel a sense of gratitude in the professionalism and invested approach provided.

Alex Zambrana

I am a former Collegiate swimmer and have had more coaches than I care to count.  Patrick is the best coach I have ever had in any sports.I began to race my bike at around 24 years old, and up until this date I have had multiple cycling coaches. When I started to train with Patrick he assesed what my strengths and weaknesses and built a plan from there.

I came to Patrick out of frustration. I was riding 20 hours per week, but  was getting dropped in Cat. 3 races. Patrick immediately cut my hours to a manageable 10-12 hours, and began having me ride in meaninful power zones. I came to Patrick with a 20 minute FTP of around 297 watts. Within a years span, we have been able to raise that to 350 watts. As a result of this progress, I was able to get 2nd at the Florida State Crtiterium championship. Their is no cookie cutter training plan, and Patrick adjusts my plan to take into account real life stressers outside of cycling.

Patrick’s knowledge does not stop at his rainman-like ability to analyze data, he is also an excellent race tactician. Patrick will frequently give me tips and pointers regarding different race courses from first hand knowledge. With that knowledge, he is able to isolate my specific strengths with training data to develop a race strategy that hedges my bets in order to obtain results.

When I pin on a number, I know I have an edge on my competition. To date, no race has been harder than some of the workouts Patrick has me do.

My formula for success is simple. (Patrick plan) + (Following it to the letter) = huge gains.

Gayna Hansen

A good coach improves your ‘game.’ A great coach improves your life. Sign on with Patrick Sansbury, and you just might get more than you bargained for! He is a coach that believes in the abilities of his athletes, more than they do at times. His philosophy is to live in the process while helping us to attain our goals. The unforeseen bonus is that the process changes YOU for the better along the way.

With a forthright style coated in genuine affection for his athletes, Patrick is unparalleled in his knowledge of training with power. He is like a surgeon in the precision of the training plans he creates for your individual needs. My initial goals of understanding training with power, increasing my speed and power on the bike, and becoming a smarter racer were met and exceeded.

After being hit by a car in 2016 and being blessed to be alive, Patrick said you will come back even stronger. And this I did. A coach and athlete team is a powerful force. Trust the process. Do the work. If you have what it takes to be committed to a plan even when it sucks, then this man will get you where you want to go.

Think of what you would like to achieve, and he will provide the path to get you there.

Chelsea Factor

I have worked with Patrick for almost 2 years. When we started together I was very new to sport and had no idea how to win a race. Patrick did not simply hand me workouts to do, he taught me the basis of his approach so I could fully embrace the process.

With his guidance, I reached the highest level of the sport in a matter of months, and excelled. Patrick’s passion for cycling, the confidence he has in his athletes, his race experience and his extensive knowledge in power training, makes him an exceptional coach and mentor.

Will Larson

You are very responsive & easy to communicate with … the TP calendar is always updated ahead of time which makes my planning that much easier (greatly appreciated!). It is obvious you really have a desire to see your clients succeed …

Chris Glenn

Training with Patrick Sansbury has been fantastic. I have had other coaches but few with the skill, analytics and race tactics that Pat possesses. If you want to improve and are willing to put in the work, Pat will chart your course.

Barry Ellis

After two years of growing as a cyclist under your coaching, I can honestly say it has been one of the more rewarding experiences I have had in any of the sports or hobbies I have participated in.

I began in motorsports and competitive events at a young age and have always been a proponent of coaching. I have watched many people with the talent to excel, be stopped short of their goals because they did not want to accept advice from others that had walked the path and could help them make use of their ability.

I have enjoyed the sport more and have been able to reach my goals in events that I otherwise would not have without the strength, and confidence the Pinnacle program has helped me gain

Monica Rosa

This was the first race I wasn’t just satisfied with just finishing but actually trying to go for the podium.  It didn’t go as planned but it finally sparked my competitive side in the sport.  You pushed me harder in terms of intensity than I’ve ever trained and it is obviously paying off, so thank you.  I know there’s still a long way to go but I’m finally feeling confident in my ability as a cyclist and the fact that I can be competitive in these races.  Thank you for all that you have done!

K Saki

The biggest lessons I’ve learned was how to be consistent and it paid off with a GC win — something I’ve never done before and something that I am very proud to have accomplished. I attribute my success to you and your coaching. I hope we can continue our growth into the 16 season.

Derek Schanze

Before I started working with Patrick, I was one of those “always fit” guys with unpredictable fitness. Pat’s great care in charting my fitness and power data has given me predictability, in addition take me to a new level, which I never knew I was capable of.